As lockdown rules begin to ease and a former WHO expert says Britain will be “virtually back to normal” by August, we are all wondering just what does that ‘normal’ look like. 

The term ‘new normal’ has been bandied about throughout the COVID crisis but what does it really mean? As with everything, everyone has different ideas and ideals, but we must take some positives and maybe make some changes from what we have learnt in lockdown. 

A huge part of the ‘new normal’ has been to work from home, we’ve had no choice, but will it be something that we stick to?  

Here at IT Naturally, we have found it’s a marmite thing, you either love it or hate it.  

One of our CEOs believe they have been 50% more productive due to no travelling, less distractions, a really well set up home office with a massive 49” screen. They also think the team as a whole has been more productive as they have met some really tight deadlines early. 

But we know that WFH is not for everyone, no space to work, small children, not the right tech and WIFI issues leads to huge frustrations, for some it can be very stressful. 

Video calling, as we know has taken off with a bang, using Microsoft Teams at IT Naturally has been a huge success. It’s easier to get hold of people and they feel really present when they are right in front of you in close up, we’d even go so far as to say you get to know people even better. 

Again, we know that video calling is easier for some than others, for the introverts it seems to put in another barrier and just doesn’t give you the same thing as that office interaction. We have tried to encourage social interaction with online coffee catch ups (so it’s not just work, work, work) and a virtual walking challengeas we want our team to remain just that. 

Video calls are great, and we believe they will continue in a huge way, but they’ll never replace that face-to-face meeting especially with customers. With our concerns for the environment, our health and the realisation that we can save so much time those meetings could be saved for special occasions or just be less frequent. 

One thing we believe could be different is sick days, it used to be you either came into work or were off sick. Now we are all more aware of infection control and set up to WFH, so we think we will see more people choosing to work from home when they are under the weather, instead of calling in sick. 

Working from home is nothing new for IT Naturally, both our CEOs have always WFH a couple of days a week, but with the right set up and productivity high it’s certainly something we would consider more of in the future for those that want to. 

We cannot though ever imagine waving goodbye to the office permanently, some roles just have to be thereand we all need to meet and be human on a regular basis, but not necessarily every day. 

If you need help making your company set-up better for your team to WFH, we’d be happy to help. Please get in touch on 0208 016 2126 or 

A huge part of the ‘new normal’ has been to work from home, we’ve had no choice, but will it be something that we stick to? Here at IT Naturally, we have found it’s a marmite thing, you either love it or hate it.