Our IT Stories

“It is a great team. And an exciting time with the company at such a young age.”


Les, Security Engineer

In my earlier years...

Having worked at a French ski resort, followed by a year travelling, I started working life proper in my late teens in a sales role at Thomas Cook. Here there was an opportunity to progress and move from sales to specialist departments. I always believed that a career in IT would be sustainable, so I took the opportunity to move into a desktop operations role.

How I got here…

I have worked in telephony, data centre and network operations teams, which has given me a broad range of knowledge and expertise across IT infrastructure and systems.

Maintaining the availability of network and telephony services along with server platforms is always the primary deliverable. I also like to see emphasis placed on continuous service improvement.

At Thomas Cook there was always a need for software upgrades and system migrations, while new technology was constantly being implemented. This led to my last role as a technical manager, which involved leading the implementation of new systems across the Thomas Cook Group. I was central to interpreting business requirements and working with internal teams and vendors to implement quality solutions.

In my 20+ year career so far, I’ve seen IT systems and technology change so much. Modems and backup tapes have been replaced by multi gigabit circuits and solid-state disk drives. With hardware also reducing in size dramatically. Being able to keep on top of all this, and relishing the challenge, is key to my success in IT.

Why I like my job…

Working at IT Naturally as a Security Engineer, I can make an impression on and contribute to the success and growth of the company. Through the creation of company policies, I am helping to shape the business, setting up the foundations for success.

Working in the IT Security team is challenging, providing me with the opportunity to build on my existing skills. I enjoy proactively monitoring security tools and mitigating threats. IT security is a very important aspect of any business and I like the responsibility.

My role supports both the company I directly work for and also has a positive influence on our clients – the new technologies and services I suggest will protect them from the latest threats. Customer service has always played an important part in my career and knowing that my actions will benefit our clients gives me great satisfaction.

What it’s like to work here…

It is a great team. And an exciting time with the company at such a young age. I enjoy the interaction with all the team. We have an approach that promotes face-to-face discussion, not relying on email. We are all dedicated to providing the best for each other and our clients.

It is also a paper free environment with a focus on document creation and file sharing in the cloud, which feels a modern and more sustainable approach to business that I like.