Lost control over your data centres?

Lost control over your data centre(s) and suspect you are not getting value?

Unsure what applications you host, whether you still use them all and if you need all the storage you are paying for?

Uncertain if there are savings and improvements to be made by moving to cloud?

Struggling to take the next step due to the size and complexity of these problems?

We work with companies facing such challenges to create a right-sized blueprint of technologies and services managed by us. Once agreed, we will work with you to transform to your IT. Here, we thrive on the detail and really care as much as you do about the need to minimise disruption whilst we transform, utilising a combination of our own data centre and partners like AWS and Azure.
Your outcomes are minimum disruption, secure environments, world-class service, increased up-time and performance correctly sized to meet your business requirements, meaning you can focus on your core business during the day and sleep soundly at night.

Need a new managed service provider?

Are you fed up with not getting the level of service you deserve from your current Infrastructure managed service provider (MSP)?

Is your infrastructure MSP contract coming to an end and you are looking for something better than just tolerating what you currently have?

Do you need to transition your existing services or set up something new quickly?

We are experts in picking up, taking over and running services from some of the biggest MSPs around. Our infrastructure and security technology teams, led by our transition specialists, can rapidly on-board your current services, taking over any tooling you currently have or deploying our own solutions to manage and monitor networks, hosting, desktop and security. This is underpinned by our world-class service and UK-based service desk that offers fantastic round-the-clock support.
You will end up with a bespoke end-to-end service you can rely on, and a partner that listens and puts your needs first.

Paying too much for your network related services?

Are you paying a huge amount for your LAN/WAN network and the associated service to manage and monitor it?

Are you seeking to make savings with your internal network team by outsourcing?

Our experience suggests that we can do much more for less. Let us assess your current providers and service and see how we can improve service and drive value for you. Using our relationships with network providers and our own in-house team of network engineers and architects, experienced in both insourcing and outsourcing network service, we work with companies to establish a better total price for network provision, monitoring, hardware maintenance, management and security. Once agreed, our delivery team will take care of all aspects of the transformation and then continue to manage and monitor all aspects of your network and associated infrastructure.
A robust, reliable and well managed network infrastructure giving you peace of mind that your critical services are backed by our world-class service and service desk. Potentially huge savings over what you are currently paying.

Need to transform your desktop estate?

Ready to move to Windows 10? Do you want to maximise your investment in O365 or still wish to migrate Exchange to O365?

Do you need to ensure your desktop estate is secure and compliant and your users work is safe and secure, whilst enabling them to use the most modern applications?

Do you need a better MSP that provides a great end-to-end service for your users?

We are familiar and comfortable supporting user estates of up to 30,000 seats spread over multiple locations globally. Our transformation team has migrated desktop estates for multiple companies to different Windows versions as well as email, home drives and telephony to O365. Using our Microsoft reseller partnership and our accreditations with security providers, we have access to a wide range of solutions.
Secure, updated and managed desktops with users delighted by the support and personal service they receive from our service desk. Continually monitored and updated Windows 10 devices ensuring maximum security at all times.

Need to increase your workforce’s productivity?

The way to be truly productive in today’s modern world is through collaboration and the ability to access your documents and system anywhere, from any device at any time, and for multiple people to work on a given document at the same time.

Further to this, it is important that your data is well structured and indexed so it is easy to find, and secure meaning that it can only be shared with the people inside and outside your organisation that you chose.

Is a lack of real-time collaboration, and ability to access your information easily holding you back?

As a standalone exercise, or part of a wider desktop estate upgrade, we consult, design and deploy world-leading collaboration, communication and storage tools that will really get your productivity flying.

We work with you to decide the degree of control you want to offer the teams in your organisation.

Users’ data will be available from any device and any location. Collaboration will be improved, and users will take responsibility for the data they own and who has access to it, reducing tickets to service desk teams. Facilitating tools such as Power Automate will give users the autonomy they desire, but still in a controlled and managed environment.