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How IT Naturally Created an App to Help in the Fight Against COVID-19

How IT Naturally Created an App to Help in the Fight Against COVID-19

One of our customers based in Europe wanted to be able to offer its staff the chance to get vaccinated quickly. (In some countries, the Covid vaccination can be offered through the workplace.)

They came to us for help.

We created a vaccination appointment booking system with Microsoft 365 PowerApps.

More than 300 employees at our customer’s company booked their vaccines through the app – hailing the app a huge success! A recent app update means they can now book their second dose appointments.

Employees can simply click a link from a computer or mobile device, use their usual M365 username and password, go through the 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), then select a location and choose their preferred appointment.

For the people running the vaccination programme, we created an administration app that created the appointment slots. It set the appointments from the number of doses available in each location on a given date. Logic in the user app means that only as many appointments can be booked as doses are available. They could also view and manage bookings and run reports.

We worked very closely with the customer to build this completely custom app quickly and to their requirements: IT Naturally focused on building the booking and administration apps; the customer created scripts to send confirmation and cancellation emails to the users based on updates made by the PowerApps.

It’s a great example of how we can use modern tools, which are already included in most Microsoft 365 licences, to rapidly develop bespoke systems.

Maybe there’s an app just waiting to be developed in your business?

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