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Advanced Mail Security

We provide the tools, training, and intelligence that you need to fight back. The number of ways malicious actors are exploiting employees through email attacks are constantly growing, you need to protect your team and your business.

Security Operations Centre

Our virtual Security Operations Centre (SOC) provides round the clock security event and incident monitoring. Alerting and response from our security solutions coupled with on-going cyber security advice and guidance.

M365 Security

We look at all aspects of M365 tenant security, and know which security controls to apply to increase the tenant Secure Score. Tightening of user sharing permissions is also applied, along with Advanced Threat Protection.


Proficient with the leading SIEM solutions and integration into our wider SOC service. You'll get end-to-end monitoring across networks, devices, cloud and on-premise hosting to detect threats anywhere and everywhere.


We quickly deploy next-generation antivirus solutions across all platforms including Windows, Windows Server, macOS, and Linux, keeping your applications and users safe from virus attacks.

Digital Risk Protection

 Understanding security threats beyond the perimeter of your network as employees work from home. Our solutions combine multiple surface, deep and Dark Web scanning to check that your data is not in the wrong hands.

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