Cloud and Data Centre

It could be on-prem, hybrid, or cloud we'll
manage, protect, and optimise your hosting
platforms ensuring availability whilst controlling costs.

We'll work with you to agree which is the best fit for your business
Let's decide together how to boost your performance, mobility, and security

Managed Hosting
Platforms & Storage

Our platform engineering team ensures cloud and on-premise hosted applications are always ready to go, monitoring and adjusting capacity, performance, and patching, leaving you to focus on your business.

Monitored & Backed-Up

Our solutions include round the clock monitoring and alerting of PaaS, IaaS, and on-premise platforms, responding to events before they become a problem. Disaster recovery and business continuity requirements are supported by our backup services.

Cyber Secure

All platforms fully secured with antivirus, security hardened and integrated into wider SIEM solutions where required. One-off cloud security audits and penetration testing.

Application & Data Migrations

Utilise our end-to-end cloud migration service that starts with a feasibility study, requirements, definition, and business case creation, followed by detailed planning, business engagement, testing, and migration.

Costs Optimised & Controlled

We won't let you fall into the trap of incurring hidden cloud costs, and from our initial engagement will advise if cloud is the best fit. We work with your organisation to optimise and manage costs through the life of the service to maximise your value.

Request, Incident, Problem & Change Management

All cloud and data centre platforms backed by our 24x7 service desk and service management service, with regular reporting on all aspects of service management, availability, performance, and utilisation.

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