What services does IT Naturally offer?

IT Naturally can manage your entire IT infrastructure, including networks, telephony, servers, user computing, O365, cloud services, data centres and ensures all this is secure and protected from cyber-attack. Our technology operations are backed by our world-class service management and Service Desk. We also provide a range of infrastructure and license audits.

Does IT Naturally’s service desk provide round the clock service?

Yes, IT Naturally’s service desk operates 24x7x365, weekdays and weekends. We offer services round the clock or flexible hours to meet the service requirements of our customers.

Can IT Naturally transform our infrastructure services as well as run them?

Yes, one of our core strengths is breaking down complex challenges and pain points our customers are experiencing and constructing solutions that offer increased value and/or service by optimising technology, people and process together. Our experienced programme management team then deliver the changes in a pragmatic, efficient and common-sense way.

What makes IT Naturally different to other managed services providers?

Unlike many other managed service providers we are 100% UK-based. Our world-class service desk is in Peterborough and our service managers are also all UK-based. Further to this, our company founders and CEOs maintain a very active role in ensuring the service remains aligned to their high standards, even to the point of actively participating on high-priority incident calls.

Does IT Naturally provide services globally?

Yes, IT Naturally has a multi-lingual service desk and provides services to customers from UK and around the world. Our experienced team has a wealth of experience delivering world-class service across Europe, Asia, Far East, North and South America, and of course the United Kingdom.

Which vendors / suppliers do IT Naturally use?

Whilst IT Naturally partners with several hardware, software and circuit suppliers, we are effectively vendor agnostic and will use the most suitable products to provide the level of service your business needs.

Do you provide service management support?

Our 24/7 service desk provides all levels of incident management together with change, problem and event management. Our highly skilled team will work with your business to conduct root cause analysis and implement solutions to everyday problems.

Do you offer IT support free of technical jargon?

Yes, our agents are experienced in both technical and customer service and will explain the solution tailored to each individual

Is your service desk pre scripted / robotic or will we receive a more human interaction?

Our service desk agents pride themselves on working with the customer to provide a tailored service.  They remain calm and supportive, even when a more serious challenge arises

When managing multiple customers, is there a chance that we will see other customers data?

No, your data is isolated from other companies.