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The 3 C’s of Change

The 3 C’s of Change



“As part of the change process there are many elements, layers and processes that need to be thought about and for our change management team we need to Communicate, Collaborate and Commit.”

Communicate, Collaborate and Commit – a change manager’s perspective

Change, it’s a big thing isn’t it?

Many people don’t like it but we are living through a huge period of change right now and are having to manage it. Naturally.

It’s the same for the IT world. Change is a huge part of every-day IT Infrastructure.

The responsibilities of our change managers are to ensure change does go smoothly. All the right people are involved, all necessary request for comments (RFCs) are signed off, and I am fully aware of the business impact.

Unlike a Kinder Egg, we don’t want surprises. Not nasty ones anyway.

As part of the change process there are many elements, layers and processes that need to be thought about and we need to Communicate, Collaborate and Commit.

We ensure we are at the forefront of every change knowing that the relevant teams are doing their jobs and primarily the Service Desk and the customer are not impacted. Why? Because we want to prevent any unforeseen outages possible and let’s face it, downtime costs money!

Whether this is a planned change or an emergency one, IT Naturally’s change management ethos is the same. Standing together, with all the correct support teams around us, knowing what everyone’s role is and how it’s going to be played. we know what the back out plans are, we know the impact to the business. Keeping every one of our Service Managers updated via live feed communication is how we like to operate. You can then be assured that everything is in hand, you know minute by minute what is happening, and we get a sense of satisfaction that we are a united team, collaborating and working together for one goal.

We can then notify the team so they are fully aware should they receive calls from the end users.

We will also commit our time to the Change calls, so we can communicate to the wider business live feed updates, as well as notifying the change team should we start getting calls from the end users. This allows quick response time to fix any issues, roll out any back out plans and to implement quick additional changes to fix the issue.

Our primary goal is to ensure service level standards are maintained, and there is always customer satisfaction. To support you and keep you growing.


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