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Empowering our Customers with a Self-Service Portal

Empowering our Customers with a Self-Service Portal

Effortless customer service should come as standard.

Digitally savvy consumers expect to have answers at their fingertips and problems resolved quickly.

In fact, Forrester finds that two-thirds of customers say valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good service.

By Jess Blight – Head of Service

Delivering high levels of customer service is no longer just about answering the phone, resolving an issue and moving on. It’s about constantly seeking to understand and address common issues and requests. Having the right tools in place to support customers is a key enabler for providing a great customer experience.

Using a Self-Service Portal

We have seen an unprecedented rate of change during the global pandemic, which has led to greater importance being placed on customers being in control. A self-service portal (SSP) is just one way that gives control back to customers, providing a one-stop shop for access to knowledge.

Our self-service portal includes:

  • Reporting issues – Customers can report Issues and Incidents directly In the portal which are routed straight to the service desk to investigate and resolve.
  • Viewing updates on incidents – Customers are able to follow up on open cases easily, and efficiently, using the message functionality to directly contact our IT Service Desk.
  • Access to a comprehensive knowledge base and frequently asked questions – users have access to a range of articles to provide self-help.

Incorporating a Knowledge Centred Service

Self-service portals allow customers to utilise our comprehensive, searchable knowledge centered service to research and resolve basic issues without the need for technical support. Customers can feedback and rate the articles based on how helpful or useful they are, which supports our goal of continuously improving our service.

Where technical support is required, customers have the option to raise a case directly with the service desk, cutting out the need to phone through to report their issue. Customers can then see updates on the ticket and are automatically being kept up to date on progress and resolution.

The self-service portal also gives customers access to the company’s IT service catalogue which lists all available IT items that can be ordered such as licences, hardware and email services. Customers can request single or multiple items quickly and forms are tailored to each request, allowing all the relevant information to be captioned at the request stage. Complex requests can be ordered quickly and easily and directed to the right technical team to fulfill, further speeding up the process for the customer.

Overall, by utilising an SSP, the customer remains in control, improving customer service efficiency and reducing overall resolution time, thus creating very happy customers.

Empowering our customers

At IT Naturally we want to empower our customers to use the self-service portal for their own benefit.

Gone are the days when self-service felt like an inconvenience now it gives you the power and speed you need.

With our IT Managed Services we can get offer you the customer experience you want with a 24/7 service desk and a self-service portal.


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