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How a Knowledge-Centred Service Framework Improves IT Support

How a Knowledge-Centred Service Framework Improves IT Support

When you have an IT problem, how do you feel?


If the answer is yes, then I am sure that when you need help, you want the matter to be resolved as swiftly as possible with a high level of customer service.

By Patrick Neal-Wright and Cameron Moss

That’s why as a Managed Service Provider, IT Naturally have chosen to follow a knowledge-centered service framework as it resolves problems 50 –60% faster, improves agent training, and customer satisfaction.

What is a Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) framework?

Knowledge is the key to solving problems and lies at the heart of every service desk. Knowledge-Centered Service allows information to be stored and shared across support teams and encourages an aligned way of working.

The support teams maintain and control the knowledge store as they offer their live support. This results in a lean and efficient service where all members of a support team consult and contribute towards knowledge. Imagine calling and a resolution to your problem is already within the database and can be followed immediately, reducing call times and improving customer resolution.

If a resolution isn’t available straight away, investigation work continues to identify one and it is then documented, fed into the KCS system., so if there’s a next time the matter will be resolved instantly.

What benefits does KCS bring to your business?

Knowledge-Centered Service is embedded across IT Naturally and the team culture is shared to learn, grow, develop, and adapt.

The KCS allows a MSP to:

  • Accelerate the handling of questions and issues, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing downtime.
  • Support a ‘shift left’ culture allowing users to resolve basic issues, via the self-service portal and detailed user knowledge articles.
  • Offer a consistent approach.

The KCS Life-Cycle

Exactly how does Knowledge-Centered Service work?

KCS is divided into two loops; solve and evolve:

Solve focuses on the daily practical resolution of customer issues in four steps:

  1. Capture: Agents re-actively write and update knowledge articles following incidents and service requests when they are reported to the Service Desk. This means that articles are based on customer demand, ensuring that information is easily searchable and always available.
  2. Structure: So that an article is instantly recognisable and consistent, standards are outlined, and the articles are transferred into a standard template form.
  3. Re-use: Whenever a new scenario is encountered, agents initially consult the knowledge base first to try to use existing resolutions and these can then be linked to relevant cases and articles, ensuring aligned ways of working.
  4. Improve: As the knowledge base evolves, the need to create new content from scratch reduces, and the need for content to be reviewed and updated increases. This keeps existing knowledge articles up to date and relevant. This removes any single point of failure and ownership is shared across the whole team.

Evolve supports the further adoption and refinement of KCS.

The second loop focuses on continuously improving the KCS System. As the knowledge base develops, simple rating and usage numbers are captured to measure feedback and relevancy. This enables the additional focus to be given to the high-demand knowledge articles. Amendments can be made, and adjustments applied to cover any gaps in knowledge for future articles to be more effective.

This process also Identifies articles that need to be archived to Improve search results. KCS, therefore, offers a service that increases its value over time.

ServiceNow reveal their four ways to improve knowledge management using Knowledge-Centered Service.

When you are looking for a managed IT services provider make sure they have a KCS in place as it will help them solve cases and incidents faster and you’ll receive an improved customer experience.

IT Naturally is a UK-based IT Infrastructure Managed Service Provider that uses a KCS framework.

If you don’t get the speed of service you require from your MSP then please get in touch.



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