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Keeping Your Business Safe with a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Keeping Your Business Safe with a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

As a business owner, it’s a tough job to wear all the different hats you need and be an expert in everything.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the rise of cyber threats; you know you want to keep your business safe but it’s at the bottom of a long ‘To-Do’ list and anyway, it won’t happen to us, will it?

  • 51% of small businesses think it’s unlikely they’d be targeted by a cyber-attack. Source: KPMG
  • 4 in 10 businesses reported cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months. Source: Gov.uk
  • 89% who have experienced a breach said it impacted on their reputation.

You’ve built your business up from nothing, so why run the risk of losing your reputation?

A MSSP can help keep your business secure, so you be empowered to continue running your business.

What is a MSSP?

A Managed Security Service Provider provides outsourced monitoring and management of security devices and systems. Common services include managed firewall, intrusion detection, virtual private network, vulnerability scanning and anti-viral services. MSSPs use high-availability security operation centres to provide 24/7 services designed to reduce the number of operational security personnel an enterprise needs to hire, train, and retain to maintain an acceptable security posture. Source: Gartner.

The demand for a MSSP is on the rise and the global managed security services market is forecasted to reach $46.4 billion by 2025.


Typically, there are six main categories of managed security services, and it depends on the size of your business whether you will need to prioritise this category:

But what do those categories include?

1. Remote/on-site consulting

  • Social Engineering Testing or ReviewSocial engineering is the term used for a broad range of malicious activities through human interactions. It uses psychological manipulation to trick users into making security mistakes or giving away sensitive information. Criminals use social engineering tactics because it’s usually easier to exploit your natural inclination to trust than it is to discover ways to hack your software. For example, it is much easier to fool someone into giving you their password than it is for you to try hacking their password
  • Social Media Threat MonitoringA potential early warning system for negative publicity, politically exposed individuals, high-profile team members or threats of violence. We can conduct a one-time review of a subject’s social media presence or provide ongoing monitoring for real-time threat alerts.
  • Cyber Security Threat AssessmentOur IT security assessment utilises quick and straight forward tools that will help us gauge your strengths and weakness to help you address any problems.
  • Cyber Essentials AssessmentWe design our services to help get you to this government recognised standard and beyond, including the certification.
  • Security Culture (Training and Phishing Exercises)Onsite or online security culture training customised to your organisation based on industry-specific topics, boosted by periodic phishing exercises to help harden defences against critical threats such as business email compromise and wire fraud.
  • Security Operation Centre (as a Service) and 24×7 Monitoring, Detection & Response / Incident ManagementYou can reduce business risks, administrative burden and costs, with flexible compliance reporting and detection of cyberthreats. In the unwanted event of a data breach or compromise our experienced team are on-hand to assist.
  • Data EncryptionProtect sensitive and personal organisation data to help prevent an unwanted data breach with a range of our best encryption solutions.
  • Security Consulting ServicesHolistic advice and guidance surrounding threats to your business security trends.
  • GDPR and related IT Security legal complianceWe offer a systematic review of the systems and practices which exist within your company and make appropriate recommendations for moving forward under the guidelines, providing a clear checklist of actionable steps to take.
  • Red Team (offensive) services and Ethical HackingRed Teams are internal or external entities dedicated to testing the effectiveness of a security program by emulating the tools and techniques of likely attackers in the most realistic way possible.


2. Perimeter management of client’s network

  • Managed Firewall / Next Generation FirewallProtecting the network traffic and flow of sensitive data is critical to keeping your network safe. We can deliver 24×7 administration, monitoring and maintenance of customer firewalls to preserve availability, integrity and privacy of information and defend against threats.
  • Managed IDS/IPSProvides 24×7 monitoring, maintenance and administration of an intrusion detection system (IDS) or an intrusion prevention system (IPS) technology to eliminate malicious traffic with powerful countermeasures.


3. Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment

  • Penetration TestingOur certified ethical hackers work with you to design simulated cyberattacks based on real-world tactics, techniques and procedures. We can structure blue, red or purple team exercises with the ultimate objective of identifying weaknesses and test technical, operational and cultural controls to provide actionable recommendations to strengthen overall security and resilience. (Blue Teams refer to the internal security team that defends against both real attackers and Red Teams. … Purple Teams exist to ensure and maximise the effectiveness of the Red and Blue teams)
  • Managed Behavioural MonitoringBehavioural monitoring tools analyse data from a wide range of sources and use machine learning to identify patterns that could suggest an attack is taking place.
  • CERT Services (Blue Team) and Digital Forensics & Incident Response (DFIR)CERT Services cover the security governance services from Policy definition to vulnerability management, Incident Management and forensic investigations. They provide our customers with Threat Intelligence and offer a dashboard that gives the customer a view on their security status.

These services sometimes come under category 6 compliance monitoring.


4. Managed security monitoring

  • Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)Keeping your computers, servers and mobile device secure is vital in protecting your data. We deliver 24×7 monitoring of endpoint activity, so you know when an advanced threat actor penetrates your defences, which systems are compromised, how they got in and how to remove them as early as possible. Protect your users and dramatically reduce the effort required to stop advanced threats that target your endpoints, no matter where or how they work.
  • Email Phishing ProtectionOne of the most common forms of compromise comes via links and documents received in emails. We have a variety of tools to test and train staff keeping you safe.
  • Digital Risk Protection / Surface, Deep & Dark Web MonitoringGet actionable cyber threat intelligence from deep corners of the dark web. We continuously monitor your organisation’s data exposure—from business credentials to trade secrets to confidential financial documents and more, helping reduce the risk of costly cyberattacks and reputational damage.
  • Email Spoofing ProtectionSpoofing is when somebody with malicious intent (a bad actor) disguises themselves as being someone you know or trust in an effort to obtain personal information. This personal information can then be used in a subsequent attack to gain usernames, passwords, bank details or other sensitive information which they can use for financial gain. To ensure this impersonation cannot happen using your company email domain, there are certain adjustments which can be made to your domain DNS records which provide protection against such spoofing. We can implement anti-spoofing measures.
  • Cloud Vulnerability Assessment & Management/Scanning (PCI, Web Applications)Discover network and information security vulnerabilities and mitigate risk. Our vulnerability management team helps eliminate administration and maintenance burdens and protect assets and reduce business risk. Secure your network, protect cardholder information, and achieve PCI compliance. We submit PCI scanning compliance reports directly to your acquiring bank(s), so you can complete and submit SAQs online. Our on demand, automated, self-service vulnerability scanning of internal and external web-based apps safeguards data and satisfies regulatory requirements.
  • Log Management & Compliance ReportingDelivers 24×7 real-time monitoring and maintenance of log collection technologies enhanced with compliance reporting, correlation and expert analysis of security activity occurring in your environment, driven by our intelligence platform and expert security analysts.
  • Managed SIEM / Security Event MonitoringDelivers 24×7 real-time monitoring and maintenance of log collection technologies enhanced with compliance reporting, correlation and expert analysis of security activity occurring in your environment, driven by our intelligence platform and expert security analysts.

The last 3 services can sometimes be found under the next category.


5. Compliance monitoring

  • Proactive Threat PatchingKeeping devices up to date is a key aspect of IT Security. Our services update your devices centrally, reporting back with scheduled patching plans.


6. Security product resale

MSSPs work with trusted partners in Cyber Security and sell on their products and services.


If you would like to talk to IT Naturally about any of the services above to see how they would work for your business..



Take a look at our Cyber Security services.

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