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A Christmas Crisis Quickly Resolved by IT Naturally’s 24×7 Service Desk

A Christmas Crisis Quickly Resolved by IT Naturally’s 24x7 Service Desk

As every company owner knows IT is crucial to the smooth running of your business, but when things go wrong it can have a major impact. That is why having 24×7 service desk IT support is so crucial, especially on Christmas Day.

It was 5am on 25th December, when the CEO of IT Naturally thought it would be nice to wish the team on the service desk a Merry Christmas but they were already in the middle of a major incident.

Swift communication, escalation and diagnosis meant that service was restored within an hour of reporting the incident. Great result for our customers and our out of hours technical and service team.

So, imagine that it’s your company on any weekend or bank holiday, unfortunately computer problems don’t just happen during office hours. It could just be something as simple as your computer running slow, crashing or to something more serious like a virus corrupting the system.

What Would I Use A 24×7 Service Desk For?

  • Your WiFi keeps dropping out or completely disconnects meaning your staff cannot get online to receive customer service emails.
  • Your password to logon is not working and you have a work deadline due soon.
  • You suddenly have a lot of pop-up ads appearing on your desktop disrupting your work and generally annoying you.
  • A virus attacks your system after everyone has gone home and continues to do so until you get in the following morning.
  • Your computer is running slow causing you frustration as you have a deadline to meet and cannot afford to waste time.

These are all examples of common problems we come across. Some are just plain irritating, but others could spell disaster for your business.

Who Should Use A 24×7 Service Desk?

Large or small, whether you company has thousands of employees or just 50, you need to have some IT support arrangements in place.

A 24×7 Service Desk can help you solve your problem quickly, with the minimum amount of stress, giving you the high level of confidence in your IT systems you need and reducing your technical worries.

A 24×7 Service Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth

You can choose a service to suit your budget. You may decide that the around the clock monitoring is something that your business does need or you can choose to just have someone you can contact when there is a problem. The price will of course depend on the type of service you are outsourcing, but always check the service level agreements from your provider, so you know exactly what you are getting.

Take the time to research the right 24×7 service desk for you, you must trust who you are working with and the right company will allow you to find out who they are.

IT Naturally provide a 24×7 service to ensure that we are there when our customers need us.

Christmas is seen as a time to spend with family but for our team it means working to support our customers, so you can support yours. Our team is always on hand to monitor our customers IT infrastructure and support end users with their IT issues. Whatever the problem your business needs effective IT support to help your business deliver on its promises to your customers.

If your business would benefit from round the clock IT support, then do get in touch.

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