by Nikki Forsythe

Many people are using the lockdown to have a good old clear-out at home, or to do all those ‘jobs’ that had been saved for a rainy day.

What was on your list?

Sort your kitchen cupboards and now you’ve found that thing you’ve been looking for, for years!

You may have learnt to bake your grandma’s infamous cakes and have succeeded in not burning the house down. Major win for you right there!

What about tackling the clutter in the garden shed, are you going to fix that old 1980s BMX or dump it?

The list goes on.

We are all doing it at home but could it be the right time to do the same at work and sort your Data centre?

The answer is yes but where do you begin?

Well, here at IT Naturally, we kind of have a knack for these things.

We can help you see what’s lurking in the cupboard, well looking at what you have in your Data centre: what to use, what you no longer need and then help you decommission it.

You could also think about moving what you do need to the cloud.

We dabble in this fine arts of migrating Data centres to the cloud. And by dabble, I mean we are pretty good at it. Like, really good.

So you’ve got your house sorted, why not do the same at the office? Having a clear out is liberating, just think what it could do for your business.

Interested to find out more, just get in touch and we can chat it through.

Don’t forget to fix the bike before having a spin.


“We are all doing it at home but could it be the right time to sort your Data centre?

The answer is yes!”