By Simon Hunter 

It seems unbelievable to us but according to Gartner, 98% of companies do not backup ALL of their data, 70% are not fully confident in their backup and recovery operations and 36% do not back up their virtual servers as often as their physical servers. 

Maybe it’s time, maybe it’s knowledge but the fact is, data loss can be a disaster for any business. 

Here are reasons to backup your data  

1 To Protect Against Data Loss 

Thmost common reason to backup is to protect against data losswhich can occur at any time and for a number of reasons: malware, theft, system crashes, and user errorRemember, your backup is a ‘copy’ of your company data and is the heart of your business therefore needs protecting.  

We would recommend you apply the 3-2-1 rule of backup: 

  • sets of data, (production and 2 copies) 
  • backup copies 
  • backup copy in a geographically separate location (this could in another cloud)  

Don’t leave your backup tapes in your data centre or in a pile on your desk, store them in a separate secure place, as in the event of fire or other environmental disaster, they’ll still be safe. 

2 You Could Lose Your Whole Business 

Over 40% of businesses that have a major data loss are forced to closeand you don’t want to be one of them. For the others, there is significant financial impact with a long recovery. This can be down to not having an effective data recovery plan. Its one thing to back up your data but you also need to fully test that you can restore this data and to have solid disaster recovery plan (to ensure you can recover your systems and data in good time)  

3 To Save Time 

Data loss is usually minor and requires recovery of individual files and folders. It seems simple enough but If you are not backing up the specific servers and systems in the correct manner, this could impact on the time and complexity of the recovery process. You don’t want to be spending 3-4 hours just recovering a word document, as they say time is money!  

4 Peace of Mind: 

If a company has a solid backup and recovery processes in place, there’s peace of mind that you are ready in the event of any type of data loss. For the IT manager and their team, this gives confidence that you are in control of all aspects of your company. 

Whatever size your business is, regular backups are essential. IT Naturally would even say they are most important step you take for preventing a network disaster and your business. 

Need help with a strategic backup plan, it’s all part of the service here at IT Naturally.

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Over 40% of businesses that have a major data loss are forced to closeand you don’t want to be one of them.